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If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll be aware that the power of Optuma is unlocked through the Optuma Scripting Language. Scripts can be used throughout Optuma, including within the Scanning Manager, Watchlist Columns, Technical Alerts, and the Signal Tester. Scripting can even be used to create your own tools. Gaining an understanding of how to write your own script formulas unleashes an enormous amount of flexibility and power— allowing you to leverage more out of Optuma.

While learning how to create your own scripting formulas may sound daunting, our goal during the early design stages was to develop our own Optuma Scripting Language to make it as easy as possible. We understand that most of our clients are not programmers (I am definitely not a programmer!). Having said that, if you are interested in an advanced full-blown programming module we also have one of those.

Like anything new there will be a learning curve, but if you have an understanding of Excel formulas then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem getting up to speed with the logic. One useful tip is to try and describe what you are trying to achieve in as simple language as possible—almost as if you were explaining it to a seven year old—as this will make it much easier to convert to a valid formula.

To help you get started and show you where and how scripts can be used we have created an online series of videos on our new learn.optuma.com website. This is available free to all clients.

The videos are never longer than ten minutes (most are shorter) and are grouped into three sections: Introduction to Scripting, Intermediate Scripting, and Advanced Scripting.

To watch the videos, click this link and then sign in with the same Optuma username and password that you use to access Optuma and our other websites:

Optuma Scripting Course

Learn Optum Web Site Sign In

Once signed in, click the Start the Course button to begin, and you will see the list of topics on the right-hand side:

Learn Optum Web Site Sign In
Course Process

The scripting formulas used in the videos have been included underneath the video. Click the + icon to expand so the text can be copied and pasted into the Script Editor window (note: use CTRL+V on your keyboard to paste).

Scripting Formulas

If you have any thoughts or comments please let us know. We also encourage you to post questions and share ideas on the scripting forum:

Optuma Scripting Forum

After watching a few videos I hope you’ll get to see how powerful the Optuma Scripting Language can be. Give it a go—you might be surprised at how easy it is!

I look forward to hearing your feedback,

Darren Hawkins, MSTA
Senior Software Specialist

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Darren Hawkins, MSTA

Darren Hawkins, MSTA

Senior Software Specialist at Optuma

Darren is the senior Software Specialist at Optuma. He joined the company in 2009 after attending an introductory technical analysis course. Darren now instructs users all over the world, from experienced Wall Street traders and professional money managers to individual traders drawing their first trendlines.

Darren grew up in the UK and attended college in the USA where he earned a BA in Economics from St Mary's College of Maryland. He went on to spend a few years working at the Nasdaq Stock Market in Washington DC. Going on to live and work in Australia, the US and currently the UK, Darren has a broad understanding of the individual needs of traders, portfolio managers and investors utilising a wide range of methodologies.

In 2014 Darren passed the UK-based Society of Technical Analysts diploma course, and when not looking at charts he keeps a keen eye on England's cricket team - especially if they are playing against Australia. He lives in the Essex countryside in England, with wife Wendy and their labrador, Gabba.


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