The Secret Wealth Advantage: How You Can Profit from the Economy's Hidden Cycle

The Secret Wealth Advantage: How You Can Profit from the Economy's Hidden Cycle

Learn about the importance of the real estate cycle and the global economy in Akil Patel's new book.

The Secrect Wealth Advantage - Front Cover The Secrect Wealth Advantage By Akhil Patel

For nearly 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Phil Anderson and Akhil Patel. In that time I’ve seen them use the real estate cycle to accurately forecast not only real estate prices but also the impact on stock markets and the economy in general. Their analysis of this 18.6-year cycle is amazing and I have a lot of respect for the work that they do.

The difficulty with all long-term cycles has always been how to know what to expect at each stage of the cycle. Well, we do not have to struggle with this anymore. In his new book “The Secret Wealth Advantage: How You Can Profit from the Economy’s Hidden Cycle”, Akhil deals with each year of the cycle and looking through the lens of history, he unpacks what we can expect. Spoiler Alert: We are heading to a climactic end to this cycle and this information is as important now as any other time in the cycle.

The book’s focus is on the US market, but in our connected financial world, the implications are applicable to us all.

As a rule, we do not promote other products and we are not receiving any compensation for this, but I wanted to let you know about this book because I respect Phil & Akhil’s work so much and I want you to survive in the market.

Here is the publisher’s blurb on the book:

Why did the recent banking crisis, involving some of the largest bailouts in American history not crash the American economy?

Why is the American economy still powering ahead despite a record pace of interest rate rises, and not falling into a recession as many had feared at the start of the year?

Why have the stocks of some US housebuilders rivalled US tech firms in the speed of share price growth in since March of this year?

These are puzzling questions and one which many learned commentators and large investors have been puzzled by in recent months.


Because they remain ignorant of the 18-year economic cycle, how it works, and plays out; they do not understand the fundamental law of economics, the law of economic rent, that drives it. The cycle is responsible for all of the periods of wild speculation and spectacular collapse that have been a feature of the modern economy for well over 200 years. At the heart of this cycle is the land market.

In his new book, The Secret Wealth Advantage: how to profit from the economy’s hidden cycle, Akhil Patel, explains all that in a highly readable account of the cycle.

He takes the reader through an 18-year journey through a full 18-year cycle. He illustrates each of the cycle’s nine stages with a different historical episode. Along the way, he also explains why it happens and why it repeats, how money and banking fit in and much more.

Akhil is himself a long-term user of Optuma and a student of Gann and market cycles. He came to the study of cycles when his family’s business was badly affected by the 2008 crisis because banks called in loans from small businesses, thus making economic problems much greater. He decided he wanted to find out why there had been no warning that this was coming, and he wanted to know what to be prepared for the next one. The book is the result of that effort.

At its heart, the book is a practical guide to the cycle so that investors and traders can take advantage of the long-term dynamics that drive our economies through periods of boom and bust. Each of the book’s 18 chapters ends with a section that makes up a book within a book, The Handbook of Wealth Secrets.

The book can be bought at all major online retailers and is available in paperback, ebook and audio book formats.

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