Phillip Anderson

Phillip Anderson

Trader and Editor of Cycles, Trends and Forecasts

Phillip J Anderson is an Australian economist, businessman and internationally acclaimed commentator. He is widely regarded as the foremost expert on business, real estate and commodity cycles.

Author of the best-selling book “The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking” Phil has a wealth of knowledge concerning international real estate markets that cannot be equaled.

Phil graduated from RMIT University in 1985 with a degree in accounting and economics. He is the managing director of Economic Indicator Services (EIS), the company he founded in 1991 that has offered economic forecasting services to a large following of investors who have since benefited from his life changing market insights.

Now, as part of the Property Sharemarket Economics service, Phil has teamed up with a dedicated group of analysts and researchers sharing the same vision.

This vision will continue to educate those investors and traders on the most important cycle of all: the 18.6 year land and credit cycle.

You can know what’s coming next.