Remote Assistance: TeamViewer for Mac Systems

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Nov 14, 2018 18:27

If you are requested to instigate a remote support session with a Optuma technician, please follow the below procedure if running Teamviewer on your MAC.
1. You will need to download the **Quick Support** module by clicking [here]( 2. The file will be downloaded as a Zip file which may take several minutes to complete. You will need to wait for the download to be completed before moving to the next step. ![img0](../../images/remote-assistance:-teamviewer-for-mac-systems-img0.png) 3. The extracted file will usually be located in the **Downloads** folder. You may need to open **Finder** and then click on the Downloads Folder to find the **TeamViewer** Application. As mentioned the file is downloaded as a compressed Zip file which needs to be extracted using the **Archive** utility. To do this simply double click on the **TeamViewerQS\** file, this will extract the application. ![img1](../../images/remote-assistance:-teamviewer-for-mac-systems-img1.png) 4. The unzipped file is the actual Team Viewer application, select the application then drag the file to your **Applications** folder. ![drag-to-apps](../../images/remote-assistance:-teamviewer-for-mac-systems-drag-to-apps.png) 5. You can now start the Team Viewer application, double click the **TeamViewer QuickSupport** icon and the following window will then display. ![JQXRTUAE5C](../../images/remote-assistance:-teamviewer-for-mac-systems-jqxrtuae5c.png) 6. **Quick Support** will display your personal Team Viewer identification number and a random password. Please note that the identification number and password displayed in the above image is only an example. 7. If requested you will need to provide **Your ID** and **Password** to the Optuma technician to instigate the remote support session. 8. When the Optuma support team connect to your system a dialogue box will appear asking for your permission, click the **Allow** button to initiate the the connection. ![40v3CRK7Xu](../../images/remote-assistance:-teamviewer-for-mac-systems-40v3crk7xu.png)