Workbook Converter - US Equities Data

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Apr 21, 2021 09:50


From May 31st 2021 the old US Equities exchange (which split AMEX, NYSE and NASDAQ into different groups) will be retired. By that time all clients subscribed to the old data feed will be moved to the new US Equities combined exchange.

If you are using Optuma v1.4 or later your saved work will be automatically converted to use the new dataset.

If you are using older versions of Optuma or Market Analyst you will need to manually covert your workbooks using the following page:

Workbook Updater

This site allows you to drag and drop your Optuma workbooks onto the page:


Then click the green Convert button to update the data locations to the new US exchange.


A copy of the newly updated workbook will appear below where you can download a copy:


The file(s) will be downloaded in a zip file. Extract the contents of the file to your Market Analyst workbook folder (default locations below):

  • C:\Market Analyst 4\Workbooks
  • My Documents - Market Analyst - Workbooks
  • My Documents - Market Analyst 7 - Workbooks
  • My Documents - Market Analyst 8 - Workbooks

Once this has been done you will be able to access your saved work with the newly installed data exchange.

Market Analyst 4 and Market Analyst 6 - Historical Data

These older programs are unable to download file sizes as large as the US Equities Combined historical data. If you are using MA7 or later, and install the historical data via that program you will be able to access it with these older setups as well. If however you are only using MA4 or MA6 and need to install the historical data, please contact Optuma support ( and we will send you a download link, along with instructions on how to manually install it.