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The Danger Of Weekly Scripting

I want to take a different approach in this post. Often we talk about the breakthroughs that we are working on, or the market in general. This time I want to draw attention to a testing error that I’ve seen others perform—and it’s all to do with understanding data.

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Bitcoin – The perfect technical market

I am the first to admit that I ignored Bitcoin —and cryto-currencies— for too long. The first time I really paid any attention was back in October 2017 when Bitcoin just broke $5,000.

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Dawn Bolton-Smith Bar Colours

In the new update of Optuma (Optuma 1.2) we’ve added a new bar colour scheme called “Bolton-Smith”. The naming of this colour scheme is to honour the matriarch of Australian Technical Analysis, Dawn Bolton-Smith, who passed away in August this year.

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Introducing the DVAN SmartLines Tool Module

The DVAN SmartLines module for Optuma is a suite of market tools that gives an investor access to Divergence Analysis’ 27-year moneyflow methodology. The module is comprised of indicators that create a clear framework in which to analyze markets—including trading signals, trend direction, momentum, support/resistance, and buying/selling cycles.

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To Be Early/Late Is Right/Wrong

The problem with being early in the markets? It can be painful. Very painful. Even if you end up being vindicated with a positive outcome. Best recent example? As I explained to my wife as we watched The Big Short together, “Sure they were right in the end, but look how miserable they were all along!”

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Volatility got you in a spin?

One of the things I love about research is the “ah-ha” moment when I see something that has not been so obvious before. It’s like the veil has been lifted and suddenly I see that condition everywhere.

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Using Optuma with the Cloud

At its simplest, the ‘cloud’ is a term used to describe internet-based services, with online file storage being one of the most popular. By using such a service it is possible to keep all of your personal Optuma files (such as workbooks, settings, custom toolbar, chart and page layouts, and script formulas) in the cloud, thus making them safe if your hard drive fails.

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