GoNoGo Embracing Volatility - Part 5

GoNoGo Embracing Volatility - Part 5

Use the GoNoGo Squeeze indicator to anticipate price breaks.

Volatility compression rounds out the concepts blended into GoNoGo Charts®. Visualizing behavior in markets is the essence of all technical analysis tools, and those moments where a “tug of war” exists between buyers and sellers are important to highlight on our charts. In this fifth session of the GoNoGo Charts educational series, Alex Cole and Tyler Wood, CMT review familiar tools such as Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channels and return to the original challenge of capturing the information without crowding our charts. The GoNoGo Squeeze® was developed to highlight periods of volatility compression right inside the GoNoGo Oscillator® panel with a climbing amber grid. As experienced money managers know, trading in the direction of the break can help capture high velocity price moves which often accompany expanding volatility. Alex and Tyler show examples of volatility compression in trend continuation and trend reversal circumstances.

Volatility doesn’t have to be a four-letter word. Investors can embrace the opportunity by understanding the concept and remaining objective in their approach.

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