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Since 2014 Optuma has been the chosen chart sponsor for the CMTA. We’re excited about our partnership with the CMT Association’s CMT program and helping CMT candidates achieve their CMT designation. 

The CMT designation is recognised around the world. If you are a Professional Technical Analyst, the CMT designation is something you should be pursuing.

As a company with CMTs on staff, we know how difficult the CMT course is. We also know how beneficial and rewarding it is. Our goal is to help you learn the material, put it into practice, and be fully prepared for your exams.

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CMT Prep Courses

We run highly successful CMT prep courses for each level of the CMT program. The courses are designed to complement your study by focusing on trouble areas and helping you prepare for the exam. The courses also give you practical ideas you can implement immediately into your trading.

Free access to Optuma for CMT candidates

Sign up for any of the three CMT exams on the CMT Association’s website, and you will have free access to the Optuma Professional Services package. Your free access comes with local end-of-day data. This edition of Optuma gives you experience with all the techniques covered in the CMT exam material. It allows you to experiment with the concepts you are learning. Look out for a welcome email from us after signing up on the CMT Association’s site. Your access continues until you have taken the exam. 

If at any time you would like to upgrade to the full Enterprise package of Optuma with Bloomberg access, contact the Optuma team.


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Any CMT candidate who has paid for the next CMT exam and is not an existing Optuma client.

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Your access will continue until just after the CMT exam. If you are taking another exam during the next administration, your access to Optuma will be reactivated as soon as you sign up to the next exam on the CMT Association’s website.

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You can install Optuma on your personal PC and/or a work PC. Please note that Optuma is used in many financial firms but may require configuration by your firm’s IT personnel. Please contact us for more instructions.

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The best place to start is with our Getting Started videos section. To learn more about our powerful scripting language used throughout the program (e.g. scans, signal testing) click here.

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CMT candidates get access to our Professional Services edition. This includes end-of-day data for up to 10 data groups from this list.

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You will need to sign up for a subscription to Optuma. We often have exclusive discount offers for CMT delegates following the exams.

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You will need to upgrade to our Enterprise Services package at $249 per month.

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