Service Level Prices

Choose from Trader, Professional, or Enterprise services and access up to 340+ tools and indicators.

Optuma Trader

For the disciplined private trader
$995 USD
  • 12 months of Trader Services ($59.95/m)

  • 5 EOD Data Groups of your selection

  • World’s most advanced charting software

  • Hundreds of Technical Indicators

  • Scanning

  • Scripting

  • Watch Lists & Symbol Groups

  • Real-Time Data Vendor Support

  • Basic Relative Rotation Graphs (RRG)

  • Price & Technical Alerts

Most Popular

Optuma Enterprise

For institutional traders & analysts
$2,495 USD
  • All of Optuma Professional Services plus…

  • 12 months of Enterprise Services ($199/m)

  • 45+ EOD Data Groups of your selection

  • Enterprise Support

  • Advanced Quantitative Signal Testing

  • Connect to Bloomberg APIs

  • Custom Market Breadth Module

  • Regression & Statistical Charts

  • Publishing Module

  • Custom Tool Programming Module (PASCAL)

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Solutions specific to your needs
$Call USD
  • Private Servers

  • Custom Portfolios

  • Custom Benchmarks

  • Ratings Tracker

  • Extra Custom Data Points

  • Perfect for Department Wide Installations

Optuma Pricing

Optuma pricing is made up of two parts:

1. The initial fee pays for the software licence, and also includes 12 months of support, end of day data, updates and upgrades. The various service levels also include access to different modules, so you will have 12 months of access to those too.

2. The on-going monthly fees. After the initial 12 months, you can elect to pay these monthly or pre-pay annually and save 10%. Again these fees give you access to support, end-of-day data, updates & upgrades, and service level modules.

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