Optuma Professional Services

A new service level for Optuma – $99 per month

For several years now Optuma has had 2 distinct service levels available. Our retail level Trader Services is perfect for individual investors and self-managed super funds, and our powerful institutional level Enterprise Services, designed for market professionals and researchers. Today we are introducing a new service level, designed to bridge the gap between Trader and Enterprise Services, called Professional Services.

Professional Services includes all the features included in Trader Services, but also adds some of the more powerful features that until now have only been available via Enterprise Services. It is designed for those individual traders that wish to push their technical analysis to the next level, without paying for features in Enterprise services that are only of use to someone in a corporate environment.

Professional Services will include the following items:

Data Selection

Expansive Data Options

Our markets have never been more interconnected than they have been now, and with over 46 different data groups to choose from, Professional Services will allow you to expand your potential for investments and keep your finger on the pulse of the global markets. With Professional Services select any 10 data groups to access fast and reliable End of Day data.

Advanced Charting

Professional Services will provide you with several advanced charting styles which allow you to review and analyse markets in ways you may not have considered before. Market Intelligence charts features a range of styles including Column Charts, Scatter Plots and Bubble Charts (and a special Risk Reward chart if you also subscribe to the ND Research tool group).

Additionally you’ll be able to view Curve Charts. Curve charts can be used to display and track multiple symbols in a time series, such as US Yield data. There are two display options (3D Surface and 2D Line).

Finally, you will gain access to the newly released Scripting Chart, made available in the v1.3 Feature Update.  This powerful chart allows you to take one or more scripted criteria and plot the results over multiple codes for comparison, allowing you to search for correlations, cycles and more.

External Data Fields

External Data Fields

External Data Fields (EDFs) give you the freedom to import or setup custom values for your data, which can then be displayed on a Watchlist, or referenced in scripts. EDF information can be sourced from Excel Files, CSV Files or manually entered via a Watchlist.

A few examples where EDFs can be used:

  • If you have a custom ranking system which you track outside of Optuma, you can import and reference rank values for your portfolio.
  • Convert a Watchlist into a basic Portfolio Manager by adding User-Defined EDF columns for Buy Price and Quantity. You can then reference these values in a script to generate a Profit and Loss column.
  • Import 3rd party notes or recommendations for various symbols as an EDF and display that information as a column on your Watchlist.

These are just some of the features EDFs will allow you to access in Optuma 64bit.

We’re here to help you

Our support is unequalled in the industry. Our support staff are highly trained and many have professional qualifications in financial analysis. Whether you need help getting started, or you have a complex model you need help with, let us know. 

Our support staff are working hard to make sure all questions are responded to within minutes. 

Follow our blog to get updates as we release tips, research and ideas to help you.

Professional Services for You

The most important question is “What can Professional Services do for you that would make an incredible difference to your workflow?” 

The answer will differ for each person, however with access to additional data groups, new and advanced chart styles, and the flexibility EDFs allow in your analysis, we are confident you will find great value in your Professional Services subscription.

Ready to Subscribe?

If you’re ready to subscribe to Professional Services and are already subscribing to a different service level, you can upgrade your subscription via your user-portal .

Simply login and click the Upgrade Subscription button.

If you’re new to Optuma and would like to purchase Optuma 64bit with Professional Services please visit our secure online store , or, contact our sales team: [email protected]

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