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In the past our clients would tell us so much of their time was spent manipulating data, interfacing with publishing programs and looking through spreadsheets. All tasks that are laborious and error-prone. We had an Analyst from a huge buy side firm tell us that when a Portfolio Manager would come in, he had no simple way to bring up the PM’s holdings. They would rely on the PM to “remember” the tickers so they could review the charts. So much room for important data to be missed!

With an Optuma Enterprise solution, you don’t have to experience this anymore. Our intersection of financial analysis and software engineering enables us to work with your teams to solve this. We can design and build a unifying solution that gets rid of the laborious tasks while removing the chances of simple errors that lead to costly mistakes. It’s your data seamlessly combined with market data and presented with complete flexibility.

This is a project-based solution where we:

  • Review what is required.
  • Design a solution based around the Optuma software and our on-site server technology.
  • Confirm the requirements are being satisfied.
  • Develop the software.
  • Test on an internal environment.
  • Implement on-site.
  • Continue to work with you on enhancements.

The core interface is the ever-evolving Optuma application, giving your team access to all the analysis power of Optuma with your data. Your team will always have the latest version containing our latest developments. It’s a business intelligence platform tailored to Market Professionals.

Concerned About Security?

In today’s environment of hackers and security breaches, you need a solution that will not compromise the company’s measures to protect confidential data. The Optuma Enterprise Solution can be administered by a dedicated server inside your firewalls with no links outside your firm. The whole client server model is completely secured within your environment. Your security is important to us. We create solutions that give you the software to help you while maintaining the security you need.

How Much Does This Cost?

Every project is different. Once we have a design, we can provide quotes for the completion of the project.

If you have a desire to see a significant improvement in your firm’s processes, please contact us by completing the form at the end of this page.

Chart Management

When you are expected to have an opinion on hundreds of securities, you need to have a simple way to manage and retrieve your analysis. By storing your work in Optuma Layouts, you can bring your work up any time and easily swap between the various analysis ideas. If you work with Portfolio Managers, you can layer your work within the Portfolio members.


As a professional, ugly screen shots of charts with jagged lines are just not good enough. Many potential clients will first see your work in a report you produce. There can be no compromise, but you can’t be wasting time on making them look acceptable.

Professional Services subscribers will have access to our Publishing module which produces high-quality charts to Word, Powerpoint, PDF or Outlook with just a couple of clicks. Whether you are producing reports with hundreds of charts, or a one-off bespoke series, Optuma re-renders each chart in high resolution. You can also take a quick screen grab of the chart and paste into an email, or even publish to our dedicated – and secure – web server. http://oab.io/429ft

Sample Reports

Click the buttons below to download sample Powerpoint and PDF reports. Remember to zoom in and see the quality.


Whether you are a CMT or CFA (or both!), Optuma has all the tools and data you need to get the job done, and done quickly. There are hundreds of models, from the traditional to the esoteric, already available in Optuma. If you need more, Optuma’s “Excel-like” scripting language makes it a breeze to add custom indicators. There is no limit to the types of analysis you can do. Contact our support teams around the world, they are ready to help you.

Signal Analysis

How do you know if the idea you have come up with, or read about, has merit? When can you find the time to do a robust test before you commit money to the strategy? In the past, the best option was to hope that your firm had a team of quants who could do the number crunching and report back to you. But even then, that takes time and they will likely lose interest after a couple of iterations. Worse, if you were stuck using traditional back testers, they probably never told you about portfolio and survivorship bias that was skewing the results!

The optional Signal Tester in Optuma changes that forever. You define the condition that you want to test and the universe of securities that you want to test on. The software does the rest.

Optuma will ferret out every single instance of your signal and measure the returns before and after the signal. It will also measure benchmark index returns for the same period so you can be sure that your signal performs better than the index does. The Signal Tester also allows you to group the results by year, by sector or by any custom measure that you can define.

Once you have the results, you can see Profit Distributions and Monte Carlo simulations for any number of periods after the signals. The Monte Carlo simulations are performed in fractions of a second and truly have to be seen to be believed. You can also introduce stops and targets and see what effect they have on the signal performance. The results will astound you.

Most importantly, you can have a consistent way to measure and report the performance of various signals. Did we mention that it’s blisteringly fast? A Quantitative Analyst reported that his 10-hour testing process has been reduced to a few minutes. Imagine what he is doing with all that extra time – yep, more iterations!

Analysis Alerts

When your team relies on you to give them actionable updates and you are covering hundreds of securities, you don’t have the time to manually go through each chart. You’re not doing that are you? Optuma has the world’s most advanced technical alerting system ever built. Using any level or technical analysis, you can set alerts and rest easy knowing Optuma is constantly watching the market for you (subject to uninterrupted data supply). When one of your signals has been met, you will know about it and you can pass it straight on to your team.

Corporate Data

Does your firm maintain a database of Portfolios, Internal Metrics or Ratings? It can be really difficult to get that data into a commercial package. With some, your firm has to transmit sensitive holdings to a third party and hope they are protecting the data! If you didn’t want to do that, you need to spend precious time building chart books from tickers in an internal list. You don’t need to waste your time any longer!

Optuma is full of tools to help you get access to your data in your environment – and you don’t have to send it to us. Whether it’s directly accessing local databases, CSV or Excel files, or contracting us to create a custom enterprise solution, Optuma gives you the ability to open any Portfolio and see your analysis on those charts. Better still, you can add your own custom metrics to the charts.

Innovative Charts

These days a simple chart is not enough. An opinion on a single security is not enough. It may be a “Buy” rating, but is it better or worse than the next security? Optuma gives you the types of charts that are usually reserved for “Business Intelligence” and allows you to drive them with any of the models and scripts you want. 

You can create unique and powerful ways to monitor the markets and communicate with clients. Every chart gives you incredible control so you can uncover the information most important to you and your clients. 

Data Solutions

Whether you are following local or International markets, Optuma has all the end-of-day data you need. With equities, commodities, bonds, fundamentals and economic data, we have you covered.

If you need real-time data, Optuma has solutions available. If you have Bloomberg on your desk, Optuma allows you to interface directly to Bloomberg. All the Bloomberg data, fundamentals and portfolios are available for display within Optuma.

We’re here to help you

Our support is unequalled in the industry. Our support staff are highly trained and many have professional qualifications in financial analysis. Whether you need help getting started, or you have a complex model you need help with, let us know. 

Our support staff are working hard to make sure all questions are responded to within minutes. 

Follow our blog to get updates as we release tips, research and ideas to help you.

What can we do for you?

The most important question we would love for you to answer is “What could Optuma do for you that would make an incredible difference to your workflow?” 

Most of our clients can’t believe the difference Optuma has made to their lives. But often, it was not immediately visible. Make sure you tell us where you spend/waste most of your time and we’ll let you know how Optuma can help you get your time back.

What will you do?

The next most important question is what will you do now? You have the opportunity to improve your workflow and get access to more answers. If you are like most people we talk to, you can already see that Optuma will make a huge difference to your life. The trouble is that changing tools is hard work and you have to be willing to put in the time and effort. We’ve helped many professionals through this process and we can promise you that it does not take long. Optuma is designed to follow patterns, making it easy to learn.

If you are ready to take the next step, fill out the details below and one of our consultants will be in touch to discuss your analysis needs.

Feature List

Optuma’s list of features is too long for us to mention everything!

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