Professional Webinars

Showing how you can use Optuma to get better results

These webinars are designed to show how you can use Optuma to get the answers you need. Our aim is to keep them short and practical, yet loaded with useful information.


These webinars are designed to show how you can use Optuma to get the answers you need. Our aim is to keep them short and practical, yet loaded with useful information.

Upcoming Webinar

Cycles Analysis

 January 18th 2017 3:00pm EST

Anyone who has studied charts for any length of time knows that there are predominant cycles that are evident in the market. In this webinar, we will look at some of the cycles tools that Optuma has available. We’ll also show a number of tricks that you can use to identify cycles like Auto-correlation. Finally, we’ll give an introduction to the Hurst module that we are working on.

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Optex Bands

In this webinar we take a look at the revolutionary Optex Bands tools that are included in Optuma. This is one of the most powerful mean reversion techniques available. We explain how it is constructed and show some examples of how it is used.

Signal Testing – 3

In this third session on Signal Testing, we combine multiple strategies with practical examples. Tests Include:

  1. VBSR Reward and Risk with Optex Bands Trend.
  2. RRG Headings in the Lagging Quadrant.
  3. January Barometer on Dow Jones.

Signal Testing – 2

In this session we continue our exploration into the Optuma Signal Tester and how you can use it to build better strategies. We also have a look at Profits and Targets to see what effect they really have. We talk about the dangers of tradition backtesting from a quantitative point of view.

Signal Testing – 1

So much of the research work we are doing at Optuma centres on the Signal Tester. In this session, Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe takes you through the process of coming up with an idea, how to code it, and how to create a full Quantitative test. 

Note: We had some audio issues on this one, but it gets better!

Volatility-Based Trading

In this session we are joined by Kirk Northington, CMT, the man who wrote the book on Volatility-Based Technical Analysis. The module that Kirk and Carson Dahlberg, CMT put together is one of the most amazing toolkits we have seen. Kirk explains why Volatility is so important for every trader and portfolio manager to consider, and the journey he took from control systems design to building the VBSR tools.


In this webinar on Relative Rotation Graphs® (RRGs), we focus on two main areas:

  1. How we can monitor a portfolio using RRGs.
  2. How to perform RRG-based Stock Selection.

We also briefly explain the theory behind RRGs and what do to when you are working with multiple Asset Classes.

Setting up a Dashboard

In this video, Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe, the founder of Optuma, demonstrates how you can quickly and easily set up a powerful Dashboard of a group of securities.

One of the best things about Optuma is that it’s a blank canvas that’s super flexible. This session shows how you can quickly take that blank canvas and create your own financial dashboard with everything that’s important to you. 

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Optuma for Enterprises

Optuma can be used in conjunction with an Optuma Server to provide internal clients a mix of public market data and private derived data. For more information click the Optuma Enterprise button below.

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