Professional Analysis Software for Market Professionals.

Optuma is a powerful analytical software platform targeted towards market professionals and highly disciplined private investors. Our clients range from Wall St departments, buy and sell side Analysts, Portfolio Managers and Traders. They choose Optuma because of our advanced techniques, deep technical analysis, incredible publishing, quantitative exploration and unique portfolio analysis. 

If you are a market professional looking for unique tools to help you save time and give you access to new ideas, now is the time to get in contact with us. We have an outstanding support team who are dedicated to getting you started with Optuma and helping you succeed.

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Volatility And Trading – Part 2 Re-defining Support & Resistance

Volatility is the most important technical measurement we can make as analysts. We are all familiar with the old saying, ‘money makes the world go around’. I now believe ‘volatility makes the world go around’. By my estimate I think this to be true beginning about 20 years ago. This owes mostly to the radical expansion of securitization which began in the 1990’s.

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Unleash the Power of Scripting

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll be aware that the power of Optuma is unlocked through the Optuma Scripting Language. Scripts can be used throughout Optuma, including within the Scanning Manager, Watchlist Columns, Technical Alerts, and the Signal Tester.

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Signal Testing

We now offer Signal Testing. This changes back-testing forever!

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Blows Me Away

Please excuse my language, but holy crap, MA continues to blow me away. Difficult time stringing words together but feature after feature astounds me… i.e., the ability to highlight numerous tools/lines/etc and make it a quick button up top is crazy. Multi-time frame analysis with different periods/averages on the same chart… multi-currency – wow. Flexibility to deal with multiple markets at the same time.

David Cox, CFA, CMT
CIBC Wood Grundy

Looks Great!

My First initial thoughts, Looks great. The more I use with it, the more I like it…this was evident as I was trying out some of the tools etc. MA did not seem foreign to me, was able to work out and get around with ease.

Harris Polycarpou

Ease Of Use

Thank you for your programming efforts with the RRG module. The layout of RRG’s, the functionality and the intuitive ease of use is really impressive. I purposely did not contact your support to see how long it would take me to set up the Market Analyst product from scratch and do some meaningful research. It took less that an hour to get fully familiar and get to work.

P Wise

Why is Market Analyst now Optuma?

Like to know why Market Analyst is now Optuma? Click the button below to hear from Mathew Verdouw CMT, CFTe CEO/Founder of Market Analyst as he explains the change.

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