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Welcome to our Video Library. This is very much a work in progress and we will be continually adding more and more videos to these sections. We strongly recommend that you invest some time in viewing the videos, as a bit of time invested here is going to pay back many times in the time saving features that you will be able to use again and again.

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Introduction to Optuma

Take a Tour of Optuma 07:00
Take a Tour of Optuma
  • 1523336715
Introduction to Optuma 28:17
Introduction to Optuma
  • 1465516800

Quick Tips


Gann Swings Part 1 41:00
Gann Swings Part 1
  • 1492573481
Importing Quandl Data 17:52
Importing Quandl Data
  • 1489625938
Publishing Part 4 22:19
Publishing Part 4
  • 1490165705
Publishing Part 3 15:26
Publishing Part 3
  • 1488422141
Publishing Part 2 17:29
Publishing Part 2
  • 1487808000
Publishing Part 1 23:56
Publishing Part 1
  • 1487203200
Optex Bands 26:33
Optex Bands
  • 1484179200
Signal Testing 3 32:38
Signal Testing 3
  • 1482364800
Signal Testing 2 35:46
Signal Testing 2
  • 1481760000

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