The Market’s Compass and Optuma


The Technical tools that we use to build our technical thesis in both The Market’s Compass Weekly Suite of ETF Studies and The Market’s Compass Crypto Logic Technical View Blog can be reproduced in a number of technical software packages (we have tried several) but nothing equates to number of available tools and the ease of use in Optuma Software. In addition to the tools, the simple scripting language has enabled me to develop my proprietary ETF Technical Rankings.

One of the technical tools that we constantly reach for in our toolbox is Andrews Pitchfork. Being able to switch between the three variations of Pitchforks and extending them back in time with two clicks of the mouse quickly lets me identify which vector or angle that prices have respected in the past and will likely follow the future.

With a vast array of tools and indicators plus a powerful scripting language to define your own tools and timing scans) Optuma can meet all your charting and analysis needs. I used it to program Martin Pring’s well-known momentum and trend Oscillators. A subscription includes end-of-day data to global equity and commodity exchanges, and also cryptocurrencies, US Commitment of Traders, and FRED Economic Reserve data. For real time data it’s possible to connect to a number of providers (such as Bloomberg, IQFeed, TDAmeritrade, OANDA, Cryptowatch, and AxiTrader). Click the button to register for a no obligation free trial of Optuma for 30 days.

About Optuma

Founded in 1996 as Market Analyst, Optuma is the official charting platform of the CMT Association (the global professional organisation of technical analysts) and has been designed to meet the needs of today’s educated analysts, portfolio managers and traders. Optuma contains over 120 technical tools and indicators (including Relative Rotation Graphs, seasonality, and swing charts) with the ability to create your own custom tools using our powerful – yet simple! – scripting language. You can also scan for any technical condition and run strategy backtests, plus set technical and trendline alerts. Register for a free trial today!

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