Honeystocks & Optuma

Sam McCallum at Honeystocks discovered Optuma whilst pursuing his Certified Market Technician’s designation – the globally-recognised professional qualification for technical analysts. Optuma has been the official charting software provider of the CMT Association since 2015, giving analysts, traders, and portfolio managers the tools they need, including Relative Rotation Graphs®, scanning, and quantitative strategy testing.

With a vast array of tools and indicators – plus a powerful scripting language to define your own tools, scans and backtests – Optuma can meet all your charting and analysis needs. A subscription includes end-of-day data to global equity and commodity exchanges (including US, Canada, India, FRED Economic Reserve data, and cryptocurrencies) plus the ability to connect to a realtime feed (including IQFeed, eSignal, TDAmeritrade, OANDA, Cryptowatch, and AxiTrader).

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