All Star Charts & Optuma

As JC Parets knows, world-class analysis requires some world-class tools. When we showed him what Optuma could do, he knew he had to have it. Our goal at Optuma is to improve the work-flow of our clients. JC tells us that we have saved him hours every week.

Special limited offer for JC’s subscribers

As a sophisticated professional solution, an Optuma subscription would normally cost $199 per month. That includes end of day data from ten exchange groups from around the world and all the features that you see JC use in his reports. For you however, JC has negotiated a further 10% discount off Optuma’s already discounted yearly price of $2,149.20. This means that for a limited time you can secure your very own copy of Optuma Professional for just $1,935.


Not a client? Contact us here to arrange a demo:

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