Using Crosshairs

by Dec 21, 2019

Use the crosshairs tool to quickly measure between 2 points, draw horizontal and vertical lines, and also use over multiple charts on the same page.


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    Brilliant tool on how to quickly measure percentage change. Exceedingly useful and great time saver compared to hand calculator.

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    Hi Darren,

    Great shortcuts, except when I try to use ALT + Double Click I get a diagonal line across my chart, NOT a horizontal line. That diagonal line remains fixed across the chart from the bottom left to top right regardless of the chart period range (1 Day, Week, Month etc), price or time scaling.

    Repeatedly ALT + Double Clicking simply superimposes more diagonal lines on the first one:-(

    Is this just my Optuma v1.5 x64 Build 37 or are others enjoying the same response to ALT + Double Click?



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      A further comment to my post above.

      I have found that ALT+ Single Click applies the diagonal line and CTRL + ALT + Single Click applies a vertical line. No need for double clicks to apply the lines.

      Something strange going on here.

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    Great tips this week especially on the crosshair appearing on other charts within the same page. Very useful. Thanks.


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