Signal Testing 3

by Dec 22, 2016

In this third session on Signal Testing, we combines multiple strategies with practical examples. Tests Include:
VBSR Reward and Risk with Optex Bands Trend.
RRG Headings in the Lagging Quadrant.
January Barometer on Dow Jones.


  1. Geoffrey Hawson

    Why use the VBSR when most of us don’t have it. I am a lifetime subscriber but don’t have it. Would it not have been better to use something we all would have

    • Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe

      Hi Geoffrey,

      There are two reasons that I use those tools. The first is that they are unique to Optuma and while this is part training, it is also part marketing. Showing people some of the unique tools that are available leads to sales which allows us to continue to invest into new developments – like the Signal Tester – that benefit all our clients.

      The second is that in all my time programming Technical Analysis, I’ve never seen a tool like VBSR. It has the predictive power of Gann without the subjective decision making process. RRG – which you do have – is similar. It is such a simple graphic that conveys so much information.

      The bottom line for me is that I work on tools and modules that help our clients. Yes we want to make sales but I never want to do that at the “expense” of our clients. Rather by helping them achieve their goals. I honestly believe that VBSR and RRG are the most incredible tool sets available in Optuma.

      There is another side to this. The webinars are not meant to be a formula. I want to show how the Signal Tester can be used to test either your current strategy, or a new strategy. Rather then just “trying” a new idea live in the market, it allows us to test the idea quickly and easily. An example is the test of the January Effect that I mention in this video. We can now test to see if long held beliefs in Technical Analysis are valid.

      All the best



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