by | Jul 3, 2015

In this video we will introduce you to the brand new concept of layouts in Market Analyst 7.3. Layouts are the new way that Market Analyst helps you to manage Technical Analysis that is applied to any security.

The Video also touches on the Symbol List Manager, GICS sorting on Bloomberg data and Chart grouping from Watchlists.


  1. Hi,
    I am woking overseas in the middle of the Pacific where internet service is poor. I have been trying with no success to watch your videos but it takes an hour to watch a five minute section. Is it possible to obtain a DVD with the videos on it?

    Alternatively I may be able to download the file from DropBox or a file transfer site by downloading overnight.

    What about something in written form?

    • Matthew Humphreys

      Hi Peter,

      With regards to the videos, if you have an iPad or Android device you can download the Vimeo app. Using this app go to our Vimeo page ( and you will find that the videos listed have an Offline option. This will allow you to download the videos when you have good internet access and watch them later.


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