Optuma Updates

Past Updates

Optuma 1.0 Build 201 - 27th of September 2016
  1. Resolved – Adjusting the Linear Regression Slope to a shaded style and updating the line colour to black updates the indicator, but not the PDF print.
  2. Resolved – A bug report can generate on a PDF print if the chart has Grid Lines enabled and one of the charts is pinned in place.
  3. Resolved – Cloning a page which includes 2 charts, with a Getdata() script can generate a bug report.
Optuma 1.0 Build 197
  1. Resolved – After a charts code is changed the chart window loses focus so you need to click on the chart before you can change the code again.
  2. Resolved – A scan can crash if it is stopped during the check of data cache, or downloading new data.
  3. Resolved – When opening a page containing multiple live data charts, the cursor can remain in a processing state after the historical data has completed loading.
  4. Resolved – Expanded the range Bloomberg data splits were checked and processed.
Optuma 1.0 Build 195
  1. Resolved – Adjusting a chart from a default currency and back again does not always update the price highlight on the scale.
  2. Resolved – Adjusted publishing text boxes to better retain the original positions on the chart.
  3. Resolved – Cloning a chart which contains floating mouse points can cause a bug report
  4. Resolved – Opening a page or publishing a page using a Chart Layout containing an RSI indicator sets the RSI scale to manual.
  5. Resolved – Adjusted loading of Alerts on start-up to use less memory.

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