Gann Swings Part 1

In this presentation, Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe explains the background of Gann Swing Charts and how they can be used as a trend detection tool. He goes on to show quantitatively how the results from some of Gann’s last amendments make a big difference.

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Signal Testing 3

In this third session on Signal Testing, we combines multiple strategies with practical examples. Tests Include:
VBSR Reward and Risk with Optex Bands Trend.
RRG Headings in the Lagging Quadrant.
January Barometer on Dow Jones.

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Signal Testing 2

In this session we continue our exploration into the Optuma Signal Tester and how you can use it to build better strategies. We also have a look at Profits and Targets to see what effect they really have. We talk about the dangers of tradition backtesting from a quantitative point of view.

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