Relative Rotation Graphs

The relative performance of securities has become one of the most-watched metrics in the finance industry. Most Portfolio Managers are judged by their performance against the fund’s benchmark (usually an index like the S&P 500). It can be incredibly hard to measure and rank a whole portfolio of securities against a benchmark, but that is exactly what Relative Rotation Graphs (RRGs) can do.

Introduced into Optuma a few years ago they have since become an integral part of many people’s workflow—from individual trader portfolios through to research analysts working in top Wall Street firms.

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Using Relative Rotation Graphs® (RRGs)

In this webinar on Relative Rotation Graphs® (RRGs) we’ll be focused on two main areas:
How we can monitor a portfolio using RRGs.
How to perform RRG-based Stock Selection.
We’ll also briefly explain the theory behind RRGs and what do to when you are working with multiple Asset Classes.

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