Gann Swings Part 1

In this presentation, Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe explains the background of Gann Swing Charts and how they can be used as a trend detection tool. He goes on to show quantitatively how the results from some of Gann’s last amendments make a big difference.

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Time Price Labels

The Time Price Label is a powerful cycle analysis tool in Market Analyst used to measure successive moves in the market and allowing the analyst to identify patterns. In this tutorial video we will highlight exactly how the tool is used and how users of Market Analyst can get the most out of the Time Price Labels.

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Introduction to Gann

WD Gann was an amazing technician and he has left many techniques that are uncanny in their ability to pinpoint moves in the market. This video shows a small sample of the different types of Gann analysis that is available in the Gann Edition of Market Analyst.

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Gann Fans

In this weeks Tool In Focus, Market Analyst’s founder Mathew Verdouw takes an in depth look at the Gann Fan, it’s construction and also how you can use it to identify possible turning points in the market.

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