Chart Publishing

As a professional, ugly screen shots of charts with jagged lines are just not good enough. Many potential clients will first see your work in a report you produce. There can be no compromise, but you can’t be wasting valuable time on making them look acceptable.

The ability to distribute high quality, professionally formatted content to a small, medium or large group of peers or clients is essential for any research analyst. It is not enough that your analysis is detailed and accurate, it must also be easily accessible and available across multiple platforms.

The Optuma Publishing Module, seamlessly integrated with the full suite of Microsoft Office applications enables you to create the perfect delivery for your analysis, whether it be as a PDF, Word Document, PowerPoint Presentation, Email, or hosted webpage (eg

With the uses of Page Layouts, and Microsoft Templates, Optuma removes much of the setup time required to produce reports each week, allowing you to spend more time on your analysis without sacrificing the quality of your reports.  Charts will be crisp and detailed, and pages setup to your exact layout, with inclusions for your own logo, branding, metrics and written summaries of your recommendations placed and order to your precise specifications.

Sample Reports

Click the buttons below to download sample Powerpoint and PDF reports. Remember to zoom in and see the quality.

Innovative Charts

Every chart in Optuma is a unique way to visualize financial data. From Seasonality, to Column charts to Bubble Charts and RRGs. All of these charts can be used in your reports to help your readers understand the message that you need them to understand.

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