Optuma Payment Plan Agreement

Billing Information

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Payment Method

To update or change your credit card details in your Optuma account for this payment plan please visit the My Optuma Account link below.

Optuma Portal: My Optuma Account

I have entered my credit card details or my credit card details are already up to date in my Optuma account.

Service Levels

Trader Services

  • Access to Optuma Updates and Upgrades.
  • Ability to connect to 3rd supported party real-time data providers.
  • Access to Optuma Premium Support Services.
  • Lifetime access to Optuma Standard Support Services.
  • Access to Optuma EOD Data for 5 groups of your choice.

Professional Services

  • Everything included in Traders Services, plus…
  • Dedicated direct Toll Free Support numbers.
  • Programming Language for in-house development.
  • Optuma Chart Messaging for collaboration of analysis.
  • Export WorkBooks to Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF or publish.optuma.com web hosting.
  • Build 3D Sector Maps from watchlists.
  • Run strategy tests over complete exchanges.
  • Signal Tester.

Software Products

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Total Finance Charge (% pa)

Payment Summary

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Recurring Monthly Instalment:
Contract Term: Months


The term of this contact will begin from the first invoice date.


No refunds or cancellations are available on the payment plan system. In the event you do wish to terminate the monthly repayments before the end of the contract period, the remaining balance must be paid in full.

Cooling off period

Where the software & services have not been trialled to assess their suitability,there will be a 10 day cooling off period.

Additional ID

Optuma reserves the right to request further information before accepting your application. This may include a scanned copy of a valid government issued photo ID card.

What you need to know about this Agreement

By signing this Payment Plan Agreement you will be bound by the Optuma terms and conditions, a summary of which is printed on the next page of this form. You must read and understand the summary, and we will give you a full copy of the terms and conditions if you request them. The information on this form, the summary on the next page of this form and the full terms and conditions are all binding upon you once the contract has been signed and submitted to Optuma.

Information on this Form

You should read this entire agreement and make sure all the information is complete and correct. Where the customer is a company you acknowledge that you are authorised to sign on the company’s behalf.

Terms & Conditions

1. Optuma reserves the right to reject your application at its discretion, and will not be bound by the terms of this agreement until the initial payment has been successfully processed. If your application is rejected, your existing invoice will be cancelled and you will be able to process an order for the Optuma program using an alternative payment method.

2. Minimum Term – When you apply to join Optuma, you’re agreeing that if your application is accepted, your service must be connected for a minimum term. If you choose to cancel your agreement before the end of the minimum term, you will be required to pay the balance left on the agreement.

3. If you fail to pay any of the agreed monthly instalments, and Optuma is unable to contact you to resolve the situation within 14 days, Optuma reserves the right to disable access to the Optuma program and any additional services provided as part of this agreement.

4. If your account remains unpaid for a period of 30 days or greater, Optuma reserves the right to pass the matter onto a collections agency, with any expenses incurred by this action added to your outstanding account balance. Optuma accepts no liability this action may have on your current or future credit rating.

5. Liability

  1. Except as implied by legislation, Optuma has no liability for any losses suffered by you or others as a result of any failure of the service or otherwise.
  2. Optuma does not guarantee transmission to or reception by you or any other person of any message or information. If Optuma forms the view that it cannot provide all of the information, it will notify you of the revised payments due and will credit you accordingly.
  3. Optuma is not responsible for any fault, inaccuracy, omission, delay or any other failure in the service for any reason, including, without limitation, caused by any content provider or arising from the use of the service.
  4. Optuma does not give financial investment or any other advice or hold itself out as trained in such areas even though related information is transmitted or relayed to you over the Optuma’s networks.
  5. The service is provided on the condition that you will use the information only in the ordinary course of your business (which shall not include re-dissemination) and will not cause or permit any information to be transmitted, copied, resold or republished in any form to any person.

6. Taxes – All current or future taxes, including a goods and services tax (GST or VAT) or US State Sales Tax, will be payable by you at the relevant rate where applicable.

7. Optuma guards our client’s private information and will never sell, lease or give away your private information. Optuma is compliant with the Australian National Privacy Principles (September 2001), and a full copy of our privacy policy is available online:

8. Installation and operation of the Optuma program is subject to its own Terms and Conditions. terms and conditions can be found online:


The approval of this agreement is subject to your acceptance to the Optuma Program Terms & Conditions, as well as these Terms & Conditions stipulated in the Payment Plan Agreement.


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