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Buff Pelz Dormeier, CMT, is a foremost expert in the field of volume analysis and founder of VolumeAnalysis.com.

He has nearly 20 years’ experience dynamically managing private investment portfolios for affluent individuals, institutions, trusts, endowments and financial advisors. An Award winning industry innovator, Dormeier is the developer of Volume Weighted Moving Averages (VWMAs), the VW-MACD, the Volume Price Confirmation Indicator (VPCI), VPCI Stochastics, the Anti-Volume Stop Loss (AVSL), the Trend Thrust Indicator (TTI), Capital Weighted Volume Indexes, as well as a host of cap weighted volume based breadth indicators which are now available in the Optuma charting platform.

About Optuma

Since 2015, Optuma has been the official charting platform of the CMT Association, the global professional organisation of technical analysts. Optuma contains over 120 technical tools and indicators with the ability to create your own custom tools using our powerful – yet simple! – scripting language. You can also scan for any technical condition and run strategy backtests, plus set technical and trendline alerts.

A subscription includes end-of-day data to global equity and commodity exchanges (including US, Canada, India, FRED Economic Reserve data, and cryptocurrencies) plus the ability to connect to a realtime feed (including Bloomberg, IQFeed, eSignal, TDAmeritrade, OANDA, and Cryptowatch).

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