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Are you a trader of financial markets? Do you analyse the stock market, commodities markets, foreign exchange? Then you need to consider Market Analyst.

Market Analyst is a technical analysis package that’s been developed for advanced traders all around the world.

We’ve traveled the world seeking out market experts who could help us make Market Analyst not only the most advanced package in the world but also the one that is the most easy to use.

From changing time frames, adding any type of analysis, changing properties – everything is in a logical and easy to find place.

Consider all the different types of charts that market analyst has from bar charts to candle charts to line charts and point and figure charts. If you’re a Gann enthusiast you are going to love the Gann swing charts and even the square of nine chart.

While Market Analyst comes with an advanced technical analysis builder where you can build your own technical analysis techniques it also comes jam-packed with many of the traditional and even the not so traditional technical analysis that you would expect.

From trend lines to moving averages and oscillators RSI’s and stochastics through to Fibonacci and Gann and even some of Gann’s more esoteric works we even have modules that have been developed by some of the world’s trading experts and are available exclusively to Market Analyst.

You can even create your own versions of Market Analyst tools using the simple scripting language that we’ve created. This scripting languages used throughout the whole product of Market Analyst from the watch list through to the equity scanner and even in the alerts manager where Market Analyst will continue to monitor your technical alert watching for that break out that you’ve been waiting for. But if you’d like to write your own analysis from scratch Market Analyst includes one of the most advanced programming languages available which is lightning fast integrates with all aspects of market analyst giving you unparalleled power in any type of programming that you do.

At Market Analyst we also pride ourselves on our research into emerging technologies.

From things like our three-dimensional sector map, through to the market depth in the price scale and finally our work into bringing Gann to a whole new generation of traders.

We spent a great deal of time talking to professional traders to find out how they work and how we can make Market Analyst work better with their workflow. We’ve introduced techniques specifically for professional traders like out chat mechanism which allows traders working in a collaborative environment to be able to send their analysis from one person to the other and work together on that analysis.

Finally at Market Analyst we continue to monitor the directions taken by hardware manufacturers. We’ve already built in the ability to have multi-touch on Market Analyst so whether you’re using the large display with multi-touch capability or the new generation of Microsoft tablets coming onto the market you can use Market Analyst with that hardware.

We are passionate about our software and about making Market Analysts the very best solution for our clients and as a company that is dedicated to research. The best news is there is a whole lot more to come.

So whether you’re a private trader working from home or professional trader working in a large firm or even a market educator providing education to traders, at Market Analyst we know how to work with you and we look forward to working with you in the future to make sure Market Analyst suits your needs

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