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by Apr 3, 2020All Articles, Technical Analysis, Education

Last weekend JC Parets and the team at All Star Charts put together a free virtual seminar with over 30 presentations from some of the world’s leading professional and institutional technical analysts, including several Optuma clients. Here’s the link to the recordings of the presentations, giving a great insight in to their thoughts and processes during these exceptional times.

Although the event was free, if you find any value from the presentations we encourage you to make a donation to Traders4ACause to help raise funds for the Covid-19 pandemic (the event has raised over $50,000 so far). Here’s a brief overview of some of the presentations:

Dan Russo, CMT (Chief Market Strategist, Chaikin Analytics) looks at relative ratios and the strength of the global economy, including a look at BHP. Dan also explains how he uses a statistical measure called Z-Scores in his analysis.

Brian Shannon, CMT (CEO & Founder, AlphaTrends) shows us how to use the concept of Anchored Volume-Weighted Average Price to help determine potential support and resistance levels.

Andrew Thrasher, CMT (Portfolio Manager & Founder, Thrasher Analytics) is an expert on volatility, especially the VIX. In his presentation Andrew explains what the current elevated levels of the VIX might mean going forward longer term, and what he would need to see before turning bullish.

Ian McMillan, CMT (Technical Analyst, Adaptiv) tells us what he doesn’t like (media headlines) and does like (growth continues to outperform value) in the current environment, and what he hopes to see the rest of the year.

Tom Bruni, CMT (Technical Analyst, AllStar Charts) butters us up with a chart showing how classical charting techniques can be used in any market. Tom also discusses currency opportunities, along with relative strength of country ETFs and market sectors.

Steve Strazza (Technical Analyst, AllStar Charts) examines market internals – also known as market breadth, ie the number of new highs, advance/decline lines. On a stock by stock basis Steve uses Optuma watchlists to help filter for momentum and strength.

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