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I imagine the first question from our existing clients is “What happened to Market Analyst?”

Let me explain…

Mathew Verdouw

The beginning of Market Analyst in my spare bedroom – 1996

Market Analyst was the name I chose for our software when I started in 1996. As a young budding entrepreneur with many things to do and so little capital to play with, it was the best I could come up with at the time.

Market Analyst is a very generic term, used widely and frequently in financial circles. With the rise of the internet and social media, this has caused us issues over the years. It is difficult to stand out as a business and create a unique impact with a name that represents so much to so many. We’ve not been able to get social media handles and internet domains that are increasingly important for business success. We were unable to secure trademarks for Market Analyst as a name. On top of that, Market Analyst doesn’t roll easily off the tongue. You wouldn’t believe the difficulty conveying the name and spelling over the phone to suppliers and clients alike.

Our name was always something I intended to come back to. As time went on, we had a better idea of what we needed in a new name. As we experimented with potential new names, we came up with a list of what we were looking for:

  • Short and easy to pronounce.
  • Good meaning and connotation.
  • Acquiring social media handles.
  • Ability to register and trademark our name around the world.
  • Unique to our industry so we can make it our own.

Last summer, after another fruitless day searching, I turned to my son who had just finished High School Latin, and asked him if he knew any Latin words we could use in a new name for Market Analyst.

My son suggested Optu, which means best; most apt/wise/noble/loyal; ideal; highest; strongest

Don’t let anyone tell your kids not to take Latin! These are the traits I have always striven to achieve with our brand. My desire is to create the very best tools & services in the world that help all market participants – from private traders to Wall Street professional analysts, traders and portfolio managers.

In choosing a new name, we didn’t want to forget Market Analyst along the way. Adding “MA” to Optu became the tie back to our heritage as Market Analyst and Optuma {op-too-ma} was born. A little now on the Optuma logo. The icon is distinct, memorable and has the ability to be used on a wide variety of media. We chose a circular shape that ends with a curve moving inside the heart/centre of the icon. To us, this reveals our company is not fixed on its standard, but is always moving in a positive and progressive direction. It also reflects the ongoing movements of the markets and their cyclical nature.

Almost a year later, the trademarks are registered and it’s time for us to start the transition to rebrand Market Analyst to Optuma. It’s not an easy process and we didn’t want to stop our other developments to work only on the rebranding. For this reason, we’ll incorporate the changes throughout 2016.

The most important thing for you, our clients all over the world, is that this doesn’t change anything about our service. While our name will change (the exact date yet to be revealed), the software, support and our dedication to providing you with the very best services will not. It’s the same team providing you with the same products and services.

Signal Tester

In fact, while we’re executing this name change, we’re also adding new end of day data services from all over the world – including equities, bonds, commodities, fundamental data and options.

We’re also pushing ahead with development of powerful new tools in financial analysis and working on releasing brand new software and education products – all to help you, our clients, realise the full potential of Optuma by Market Analyst.

The best way to keep up with the new initiatives we’re rolling out in 2016 is to subscribe to this blog.

My goal in business has always been to create win-win relationships (like many people, I’ve had my fair share of being exploited by ‘sharks’ over the years). When someone uses our services, I want them to be incredibly successful so they see renewing their subscription is an investment and a “no-brainer” because our services delivers enormous returns. Let’s face it. If we don’t create tangible ROI, there are plenty of tools people can use instead.

As the transition to Optuma will take some time, we are giving you advance notice so you wouldn’t be surprised when you start to see the changes happening.

The first change is our new blog (right here) that we will use to pass on information to help our clients. This blog will contain posts on strategies we are developing and testing, tutorials on using the hundreds of tools in the software, market commentary and, from time to time, I’ll lift the covers off and post on what we’re doing as a company.

The most important thing you need to do right now is subscribe to this blog (to the right) so that you will get the updates. Also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

I’m really excited and proud of what our exceptional team and I have been able to produce over the last 20 years with Market Analyst. I am incredibly expectant about our 2016 rollouts, and the next 20 years+ with Optuma.

All the best,
Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe
Market Analyst / Optuma

p.s. Here’s a video of the announcement I made for our Market Analyst clients.

Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe

Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe

CEO / Founder Optuma

As a Computer Systems Engineer, Mathew started Market Analyst (now Optuma) within 18 months of completing his degree. From that point on, Mathew has made it his mission to build the very best software tools available. 

Since 1996 Mathew has been learning about all aspects of financial analysis, and in 2014 earned the CMT designation (Chartered Market Technician). In 2015, he was also awarded the CFTe designation. In 2017, Mathew started to teach the required content for the CMT exams at learn.optuma.com. He is the only person in the world who teaches all three levels due to his broad exposure to all forms of financial analysis.

As someone who has dedicated his life to find better ways to analyse financial markets, Mathew is set to drive innovation in this sector for many years to come.

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Video Transcription

Introducing Optuma by Market Analyst

by Mathew Verdouw

G’day everyone, my name is Mathew Verdouw. I’m the Managing Director and Founder of Market Analyst and it’s been my absolute pleasure to have created Market Analyst and to lead such a great dedicated team of engineers and support specialists.

As we’ve been building Market Analyst for our clients all around the world, there are people from private traders to Wall Street departments that are using Market Analyst and we’re humbled and grateful to all of our clients and all the input they’ve provided to help us build Market Analyst into what it is today.

Even though it’s been 20 years, we’re still a long way from being done. There’s so many more things we want to do, so many more things we want to create. Every time I see clients I come back with pages of notes on how we can make Market Analyst better. And I really look forward to doing that over the next 20 years.

There are some important things happening at Market Analyst. When I started Market Analyst as an engineer in 1996 I had no idea what to call it. We called it Market Analyst because we’re…analyzing the markets. And I just left it at that.

But I always had the intention of coming back and working out a better name—a brand we could create as our own—rather than the generic “Market Analyst.”

20 years on, I still haven’t been able to do that. Every year we would get some ideas and look into them but we couldn’t get a dot-com address, or a Twitter handle.

I’m excited to say that finally after 20 years, the Market Analyst temporary name has been discontinued and we have a new name that we’re going to be moving towards throughout this year.

The new name is OPTUMA.

Optu is Latin for best, noble, and strong. We like the idea of creating a product and a service that is all of those traits. And of course, “ma” ties it back to Market Analyst.

Optuma.com is our new website over the coming months. And we’re going to have Twitter and other social handles under Optuma.

We wanted to let you know in advance so that when you start seeing the name “Optuma” you won’t be surprised. It’s still us. Still the same service. We’re here for our clients whether you’ve been with us for five months, five weeks or 20 years, it doesn’t matter. We appreciate all of you, our clients.

Our success as a company is only when our clients do exceptionally well in the markets. So we want to help our clients to well in every way we can.

That brings me to my second point.

For 20 years we’ve been working as an engineering shop. We build the software. We test the software. We distribute it.

But we haven’t been focused on helping our clients really understand all they can do with our software.

I was visiting one of our long-term clients who has been with us for 16…17 years. I said to him, “you know you could be doing what you’re trying to do in these other ways. It would be much more efficient.”

He said to me: “How would I know? You don’t tell us these things.”

That really rang true. As a company it’s something we’ve neglected to do.  

So, we’re going to be starting a blog under the Optuma name, which is why I needed to tell you about the name change to Market Analyst.

Our blog is going to be much more than how you use the software.

But how you can interpret what you’re looking at. How different people use the software

How a portfolio manager approaches the market.

How different testing strategies work, and how you can be sure that your testing strategy is a good one and is going to survive all different types of market conditions.

These are the types of tools and strategies we’re creating. We’re here to help you, our clients, and to create the very best software solutions we can.

Again, I want to thank you for being a client. We really appreciate you choosing Market Analyst and it’s our honor and our pleasure to create these wonderful, fantastic tools that make your life easier and help you achieve your dreams.

Thank you so much. We look forward to the next 20 years of Market Analyst and Optuma.


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  1. This was very helpful to see as a prospective buyer of your software. I learned about character and dedication of your founder. This was reassuring for me to see as a current Bloomberg user.


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