The FANG stocks: how to create a custom index in Optuma

by | Sep 8, 2016 | All Articles, Technical Analysis

The so-called FANG index in the US is made up of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. In this short video you’ll learn how to quickly create the FANG index in Optuma, as well as an example of a custom-weighted index.

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Darren Hawkins, MSTA

Darren Hawkins, MSTA

Senior Software Specialist at Optuma

Darren is the senior Software Specialist at Optuma. He joined the company in 2009 after attending an introductory technical analysis course. Darren now instructs users all over the world, from experienced Wall Street traders and professional money managers to individual traders drawing their first trendlines.

Darren grew up in the UK and attended college in the USA where he earned a BA in Economics from St Mary's College of Maryland. He went on to spend a few years working at the Nasdaq Stock Market in Washington DC. Going on to live and work in Australia, UK and currently USA, Darren has a broad understanding of the individual needs of traders and investors utilising a wide range of methodologies.

In 2014 Darren passed the UK-based Society of Technical Analysts diploma course, and is looking forward to soon becoming a candidate for the Market Technicians Association's CMT programme.

When not looking at charts, Darren keeps a keen eye on England's cricket team—especially if they are playing against Australia. He recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina with wife Wendy and their labrador, Gabba.

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